Micromanaging Puts You at the Top of the List

This LinkedIn article from author Brigette Hyacinth puts "micromanaging" at the top of the list of Worst Bad Boss Behaviors. So if you'd rather be at the top of the Best Boss list, read on. Even if you think you aren't that person, here are a few signs in articles from The Balance - Management and Entrepreneur along with our fixes that will help you today: You become the bottleneck - This is a big one. Everyone is waiting for your approval before they can go forward. Let your employees make decisions and make mistakes. Small failures are good for your employees and they end up learning more in the long run. The Fix - Our blog, Help Develop Employees or Lose Them, is worth the extra two-minu

Want To Stand Out? Develop Your Personal Brand.

What’s your brand? Not your favorite brand, like Apple or J Crew. What is YOUR brand? Everyone should have one, starting at any age. “Personal branding is not just about designing “packaging” for yourself or selling yourself as something you are not. Your personal brand is your reputation,” says my friend, Lida Citroen, Author of Reputation 360. You do not have to be looking for a new position. Do this while you’re in your current position and you’ll see some magic happen. Your boss will take notice. Employees will hear you more clearly. Before you get started, the most important thing is to be authentic. Remember the genie in Aladdin -“Bee Yourself!” Articulate Your Personal Values: What do

Approach Your Boss With Confidence

How many times have you put off something because you didn't know how to approach your boss or upper management? A new idea. A raise for an employee or yourself. Or justifying the need for more resources. Here are some proven strategies straight out our new Emerging Leader Workshop, Approach Your Boss With Confidence : 1. Prepare the Appropriate Amount of Detail: Prepare in advance and think about the amount of detail your boss prefers. Does she want summary information and bullets, or does he like pages of detail? Then, consider the medium she prefers. Should it be a PowerPoint presentation with diagrams and photos, or a Google doc with “just the facts.” 2. Make Sure the Timing is Right: Di

Meetings That Create Energy, Not Sap It

We know that meetings are a time suck, and yet we still spend way too much time in them. So how can we reduce the amount of time we’re in meetings and still brainstorm, collaborate and communicate? Here are some quick tips and tools from Entrepreneur and Mitchell Harper, Founder & CEO of 7 companies: Put out an agenda ahead of time with outcomes, i.e. decisions you want to make. Once those decisions are made, then end the meeting. Be sure to include only people who really need to be there. Make sure everyone in the meeting is included for a purpose, then update all others via email. Start and finish on time and play around with some odd times. Instead of having a meeting at 1:00 pm, make it

Like Dealing With Conflict? Don't Read This.

Very few people like to deal with conflict. As a leader, it is your job to tackle sticky issues before they escalate and get out of hand. A client had two grown men in sales shouting at each other in the middle of the office over who was getting commission on a sale. She told them to “quit acting like teenagers and to shut up and do their job.” Yes, you may feel like doing that, or even do it, but it won’t solve a thing. So change your mindset immediately, from “Ugh, I have to deal with these teens” to “I can facilitate the discussion and help them come up with a solution.” That puts you in the position of a facilitator, a coach, and a good leader. Get the stakeholders in a room together (or

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