"Blanket" Emails Can Demotivate Your High Performers

You know those emails. The ones that nag everyone about a procedure that one person doesn’t follow. You may think it's easier to send a message out to the whole team rather than confront the person. Not only is this a waste of time, it is a big demotivator for those who are doing the right thing. Here’s an example: Jared is constantly late for meetings. He usually rolls in about five minutes late and is disruptive to the team. It has been happening the last month. Here is the typical blanket email: “Everyone please be on time to meetings. When you are late, it is disruptive to others and we like to start and end our meetings on time!” Here’s the thing. Jared probably won’t read it and others

Three Ways to Grow Your Leadership Skills

Chances are you got promoted to a leadership position because you were good at what you do and you demonstrated leadership qualities. So now is the time to combine being good as a worker and being great as a leader at the same time. You will have to do both functions for some time. Here are three strategies to hone your leadership skills while you grow in your role. 1. Stop and Listen - Take the time to listen to your team members and gather ideas before making decisions. Dig a little deeper on issues that you might otherwise overlook or gloss over because you think you have to know it all. What new idea could you put into place that came from an employee who has been around for a long time?

Trends That Impact Employee Retention

The workplace is transforming right before our eyes. Never before have we had so many discussions around how to attract and retain top talent. The changes in our organizations are taking place partly because of technology and partly because the way this generation is disrupting the ways we’ve always done things. This article from 15Five outlines trends to watch for in 2018. I chose three trends from the article that you can apply to your business today: Build Trust - Extend trust to employees and you’ll improve productivity, support employee growth and development. Netflix avoids expense management by trusting their employees to act responsibly. Are you eliminating some policies and processe

Eliminate These Words To Be A Better Leader

Are the words and phrases you're using hindering your ability to communicate with upper management? Is your vocabulary weakening your motivational message to your your team? You spend your day influencing and impacting those around you in a positive manner. And yet chances are, you are unintentionally using language that is undermining your career. Words and phrases to stop using TODAY: Like (you're not a teenager anymore) If you have a minute This may be a dumb question, but Maybe I should I think (when making a recommendation or suggestion) I am not an expert This may not work I might Actually I’m thinking of SORRY…(the worst offender) This is not an easy change to implement and doesn't h

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