Are You Putting Off Your 1:1 Coaching Sessions?

This article from CloserIQ states that "Many sales leaders simply don't know how to run a coaching meeting effectively". While this article is focused on sales associates, the information can be used in any setting. Here are my takeaways: 1. Schedule regular meetings and stick to the schedule. Whether it’s weekly, monthly or quarterly, get it on your calendars and make it happen. Unless it’s an extreme emergency, do not cancel them as it sends a message to your team member that she/he is not valued. 2. Make the sessions about growth, not simply job evaluation. Ask questions and solve problems together that makes the team member look forward to the time together. It’s OK to give feedback, but

Would Everything Go to Hell if You Took a Day Off Work?

This article from Harvard Business Review states “Your most important task as a leader is to teach people how to think and ask questions so that the world doesn’t go to hell if you take a day off.” Here are a few questions to ask yourself taken right out of our Delegating Workshop: 1. Did you choose the right person for the responsibility in the first place? It’s good to challenge employees, but make sure the person you select has the right skill-set for the job or can get the skills they need through training. 2. Did you take time to explain what you wanted the team member to do and why? Don’t throw a task at a person with little or no training. And don’t forget to explain the why behind t

Purpose In Your Career? Who's Rolling Their Eyes!?

We know that one of the top things we hear from Millennials is that they want purpose in their careers. I see a lot of people roll their eyes as though "Having Purpose" is too much to ask. On the contrary, I think we all should have purpose in our jobs, whether we’re fixing cars, growing food, or curing cancer. Here are my takeaways from Google Leadership Advisor, Fred Kofman during his interview on the Awesome at Your Job podcast Inspiring Teams through Purpose. 1. Mission Is Not a Plaque on the Wall: Everyone’s primary job should be to make the organization fulfull its mission. Do you even know your company’s mission? Not the one on the wall. The real one that you can articulate. What is

Linda Honey, Just Listen!

You think you must have all of the answers as a leader. Not so! This blog from SHRM gives five good reasons to listen to your team members: 1. Employee Initiative - You want your employees to come up with good ideas? Then ask them and use their ideas. 2. Engagement and Innovation - When you cultivate ideas on your team, they'll be more innovative and feel valued. 3. Staying Proactive - Encourage employees to come to you with solutions to problems and tell them to "go for it!" allowing them to take immediate action. 4. Retention - Do you ever ask your employees about the benefits program or bonus structure before you put them into place? When you include them in major decisions, they'll stay

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