“I just don’t like change!” said an employee whose company was merging with another. At least she was vocal about it. Most employees who don’t like change dig in their heels, come to work grumpy, hide in or corner, or quit. And you can’t just say “Suck it up - change is inevitable.” Here are a few strategies to help you help your employees through the changes that are constantly going on in your company: The Why - Let employees know the reason for the change. If it’s a new system or procedure, explain the benefits. It is important that communication comes from the CEO (or as high up as possible) to explain the “why.” And repeat communication with updates throughout the process. The Tools - M

How To Save an Employee Who is Burned Out

You just got your team in order, hired and trained a new person, things are going well and one of your best employees comes to you to say she’s burned out and is thinking about quitting. Here are a few strategies that might help her, and other employees, who are on the edge: Insist On Time Off - We have to quit applauding people who don’t take time off. If we don’t insist that employees take mental health days and real vacations, we will lose them. “Off” means unplugged, no emails, no texting. As a leader in your organization, you have to model this behavior. Make Sure They Know Their Purpose - Show them what they do matters. Share the big picture with all of your team. Let them know your or

Checking Emails First Thing in the Morning Can Get Your Day Off to a Bad Start

Checking your emails before the sun rises? Grabbing an "energy" bar as you’re running out the door? These habits may be impacting your ability to lead your team. The articles and podcasts below outline successful leaders’ rituals. Here are my takeaways. Choose one or two of these morning activities to adjust your routine until you are feeling your best to lead: 1. Meditate. Ugh...I personally have struggled with this for my morning routine, but when I do it for just 5 minutes, I have less anxiety over all the things I have to accomplish in a day. Use an app to help you out like Simple Habit or Headspace. 2. Move, stretch, walk, lift, run. Do something! Even if it’s for 15 minutes. Just about

Providing Feedback Can Be Easy

Approaching colleagues with feedback is something that many leaders put off because they're too busy, or just don't know the right approach. First, focus on behavior versus attitude. I had a 25 -year-old team lead say to me, “her attitude just sucks.” When I asked exactly what he wanted her to do differently, we took the conversation from an emotional focus, to more concrete. When a leader keeps the discussion focused on observed behaviors, verifiable facts and documented results, the team member’s self-esteem is maintained since it’s not an attack on the person. Instead, it is an objective discussion of facts. Keep these 4 things in mind to make the discussion less personal: Focus on facts

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