Managing Remote Employees? Be Intentional.

More organizations than ever are providing opportunities for people to work remotely. While it is a big incentive for the employees, there are challenges leaders face communicating and leading people who aren’t near them physically. Here are my takeaways from this recent Forbes article: 1. Make Expectations Clear - Ever heard of “out of sight, out of mind”? This can go both ways. Get together in person early on and lay out expectations with your remote teammates in terms of hours, results, goals, communication, response time, etc. Be sure to set up guidelines to ensure that your employees are not working around the clock. 2. Engage Intentionally and Regularly - Decide the best channels for c

Avoid These 3 Mistakes When On-Boarding a New Hire

Starting a new job is nerve-racking for everyone. Those first few weeks can be extra stressful because the new-hire wants to make a good first impression. As a manager, it is your job to ensure a smooth transition and set your new employee up for success right away. Here are 3 mistakes to avoid in the on-boarding process: 1. Not Informing of Company’s Mission, Vision and Values Everything an employee does should tie back to the company's values. Observing how others do things can only get you so far. An employee must understand the reason things are done a certain way and why the company exists in the first place. Tip: Include a one-page “How We Work” in their Welcome packet. Include any uns

Be a Humble Superhero

Do you feel like a superhero on some days and a villain on others? That’s because you have a lot on your plate; helping employees grow, handling customer complaints, communicating with upper management and looking at new ways to improve performance. It can be overwhelming. Keep your cape on because studies show that people in mid-level management are the most influential people in organizations across the globe. And here’s why: Employee Retention: The #1 reason people stay at their job is because of their immediate supervisor. (It's also the #1 reason they leave.) So don’t wait for your business owner to purchase a ping-pong table to attract and retain top talent. Connect with your employee

Don't Own Your Employees' Problems

Companies are looking for hard-working people who can solve problems. As an emerging leader, chances are you got where you are because you are that person. Now your employees are dumping problems on your desk, knowing you’ll fix them. Your job now is to help them grow, not solve their problems. Here are some strategies to help your teammates solve their own issues: Create a Culture of Mistake-Making: Employees are afraid to make mistakes. Maybe their previous boss got mad at them for something that didn’t work. Maybe you were busy one day and shot down an idea. Encourage your teammates to try and fail. Sit down and brainstorm with them on new ideas, then let them run with a new process or ne

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