Being Generous With Employees Doesn't Cost Anything

We’re all generous. We walk for a cause, provide a donation to a charity, but are we generous with our teammates? If you’re in a leadership position now or aspire to be, these recommendations will help you keep your employees around longer. Help your team members feel appreciated. Thank them specifically for something they did. Connect with them. If they provide thoughts on a matter, ask them to describe their idea in more depth. Don’t talk at employees; talk with them. Be uplifting. Have a sense of humor, even if things are not going so well. Look on the positive side of things. Be engaged. Ask open-ended questions that net more details. Show that you are genuinely interested. Be in the mom

Keeping It Professional When Things Get Personal

It’s tough being a team leader, and approaching colleagues can be a little uncomfortable. Separating work from personal, as well as maintaining a professional attitude, can oftentimes be difficult when faced with a team member’s poor behavior. Focus on behavior versus attitude. I had a 25 year old team lead say to me, “her attitude just sucks.” When I asked exactly what he wanted her to do differently, we took the conversation from an emotional focus, to more concrete. Keep these 4 tips handy to make the discussion less personal: Focus on facts and specifics. Look for the behavior you want to change. Ex: I want her to show up to work on time. I want him to generate 10% more sales per month.

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