Solve Big Problems - Start With NO Answers

To engage your employees and make them feel valued, the number one thing you can do is listen. That doesn’t mean ask a question then have the answer in your head, but to ask a question, be present, and truly listen. Here are some practical strategies we put together after listening to Hal Gregersen, Executive Director of the MIT Leadership Center who says “The real questions are ones where it causes step back, think twice.” 1. Be Uncomfortable - As a leader, you expect yourself to have all of the answers, when in fact, great leaders ask critical questions. So when you have a problem to solve, get your team together, identify the problem, get specifics and drill down to exactly w

Managing "First-timers" Should Not Be a Headache

Does the thought of managing an employee for their first “real-job” give you anxiety? It doesn’t need to. Young employees are full of energy and creativity and are anxious to learn. First-timers will make mistakes. If you embrace the challenge, anticipate their shortcomings, and have open communication, you can positively influence them. Here are three key points to give your newbie a real shot at succeeding. Outline Expectations - Meet with your employee right way and explain in clear, simple language what they should do and should not do. Tell them how you expect them to behave and what you expect from your relationship. This should be an ongoing conversation every week and every day until

Don't Ignore These Leadership Trends

A new year brings new challenges, like continuous turnover, and pressures from top management, as well as new opportunities, like how to engage smart, talented employees and how to strengthen culture. Below are two practical articles outlining trends from Inc. and YPO as well as three of our own observations from working with our clients. More Young People Are In Charge CEOs are in their twenties and thirties and new supervisors are just out of college. While this generation is super smart and innovative, they don’t always have the confidence and skills necessary to lead people, especially people who are older than they are. It is essential that you provide all emerging leaders with the trai

You Set Your Goals for the New Year, But How Will You Reach Them?

Whether you own the company, or your boss came to you with specific goals to reach, we’re recommending a new approach that will help you and your team reach your goals: 1. Communicate the Why - We often set goals each year not really connecting the dots to the overall mission and vision of the organization. When you define your goals, always check to make sure they get you to your “north star” and that they support your mission. Employees need to understand that their work matters and that what they’re doing has purpose. 2. Set Goals Together - Include your employees in setting goals. Sure, you can provide some targets, but have them break down the action steps to reach your goals. Set reali

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