Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

Every manager has had to be the mediator between two employees who disagree, or who just don't get along. The result of their tension not only has an impact on the people involved, but the team as whole. It can be uncomfortable and may negatively affect workplace productivity and morale. Here are some tips to resolve conflict between employees: Acknowledge the Issue - Don’t sweep it under the rug and let it build up. Set up a meeting between the 3 of you to discuss the conflict as soon as possible. Determine the underlying root of the problem - Ask for specific facts about the situation, focus on behaviors, and determine each person's motivation and position. Define Acceptable Behavior - Ma

Don't Break Down the Silos

Organizational silos are a problem for many businesses. Unlike the silos that farmers use to separate different types of grain, the silos in businesses that separate employees can be detrimental to a culture. Rather than "breaking down silos” to encourage teamwork, we recommend connecting the silos instead. This Inc. article from Greg Satell states that, “For any significant task, you need highly skilled specialists working closely together.” That creates natural silos. So how do you connect all of your silos to have a functional organization working toward one mission? Here are some strategies to implement today: Act On Your Values Many organizations define their values, put them on the wal

Are Your One-On-Ones A HUGE Waste of Time?

One-on-One meetings need to be more than a glorified status update. Many managers hold them, but too often they are just a waste of time. They are a great opportunity to find out what is really going on with your team and how you can better lead them. Use these tips to get real value out of your time and be more effective. 1. Calendar a Recurring Time - One-on-Ones need to be a recurring event. These meetings should be scheduled on both party’s calendars in advance, so you and your team commit to having these conversations and stay consistent. Try not to cancel or reschedule. There isn’t necessarily a sweet spot in occurrence. Some choose to do 1 hour a week and others 30 minutes once a mont

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