Hard Truths About Becoming a Manager (Part 2)

As a leader, you have the opportunity to create a supportive culture and help your team members and the organization grow. Be willing to learn the coaching skills needed to lead people. Here are some more tough truths that go along with the job, continued from last week’s blog: 5. Things Go Wrong - Take All the Blame: You are the bridge from your team to upper management and other parts of the company. Be willing to have your team’s back. Things don’t always work out and when they don’t, the fingers point to you. This can be hard emotionally, but never ever blame your teammates. Use this as an opportunity to reflect and grow. 6. Shit Happens - Self-Regulate: Your team members are always look

Hard Truths About Becoming a Manager (Part 1)

While being a leader is very rewarding, the role comes with many challenges. First-time managers go from being a top “doer” to leading people and still being a "doer." These can be two very different skill sets, so we're sharing the hard truths you need to know in your new position. Here is Part 1 and we'll share Part 2 next week: 1.Trust Isn’t Automatic: Trust doesn't come with the leadership title. Trust is something that is earned and developed over time. Don’t assume that being liked is the same thing as being trusted. You earn trust by your actions and your communication. Put your energy into building trust over becoming popular. 2. Gratitude is Key: Just because you are in charge, does

Psychological Safety: The Key to Great Teamwork

According to a recent Google study, most high performing teams have one thing in common: Psychological Safety. Psychological safety is being able to speak up or ask questions without thinking you will make a mistake or feel ridiculed. When your team members have psychological safety, they will take bigger risks, come forward with more ideas, speak their mind, be more creative, and act out of comfort instead of fear. Try these strategies to create a safe culture for your team members where they feel challenged and not threatened: Be Human - Remind yourself when having a conversation that the other person has vulnerabilities, opinions, perceptions, wants, desires, just like you do. Recognizing

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