5 Tips on How to Better Interact With Your Teammates

There is nothing worse than being the leader of a team full of inconsiderate, arguing, unhappy employees. It is not good for the culture or the bottomline. Successful teams care about the work and the people and know how to effectively communicate. It is a manager’s job to help boost morale and develop a functioning team. Here are some quick tips to help strengthen your team no matter how dysfunctional: 1. Speak and Write Simply- You don’t need to show off to your team by using an awesome vocabulary or add extra words to sound more important. Cut out “in order to” “in conclusion” and “simply because”. When you speak/write simply, you are more likely to get the correct message to your employe

Resumes Are Good, But A Cultural Fit is Better

A resume with all the right experience and outstanding work history. A cover letter that shows impressive skills and knowledge of the industry. And a candidate who dresses professionally and says all the right things in an interview. This is all you need to know to hire the right person, right? Not necessarily. Although experience and skills are essential, being able to fit in a culture is more important. If your culture is casual dress everyday, fueled by passion where the team always gets the credit, then an individual go-getter who likes to dress professionally, but has an impressive resume, still might not be your right hire. When it comes to culture, look for these main attributes in a

Secrets of Success From Top Places to Work

“I have the best managers ever! Ongoing education, the feeling that the company cares about all employees. I do something new everyday!” Want to know the secrets of the top places to work in one of the hottest markets in the country? The 2019 Top Workplaces in Denver, Colorado is out and we’re excited to share what the best of the best does. We’ve taken snippets from each of the stories and organized them here for you: Create Clarity: Talk about the future. The organization’s future and your employees’ futures. Help your employees get to where they want to go in their careers. Many of these companies offer training and professional development. Hard-working employees want opportunities to le

Dealing With Different Personalities at Work

The workforce is filled with a variety of people with different work habits, styles and personalities. It’s often easier for leaders to connect with certain people over others. Some are overwhelmed by deadlines, others will chat your ear off, and others who are more adventurous. The best leaders have the skills to motivate all different personalities and work styles. Here are some quick tips to get you started: Focus on the Ultimate Goal - Go into each conversation with the company’s vision in mind. Both parties have the same goals, so make sure you address that at the start. Different people bring in different opinions and ideas which ultimately is great for the business. Have Fun with a Pe

If You Aren’t Practicing Your New Skills, They Won’t Stick

If you want to speak a new language, would taking one course make you fluent in that language? If you want to take up a new sport, like golf or tennis, would a full week of training make you an amazing player? No! Then why do we think we can send leaders to a one-day, one-week or even one-hour course and expect to make that leader a great boss? It takes practice. And you know what happens when you practice? You make mistakes. Here are some snippets from this Forbes article for you to try this week.: Articulate Your Why - Why do you want to be a great leader? Is it to make your life at work more enjoyable? To develop your teammates? To have a marketable skill? Whatever your why is, post it w

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