Are You Tired of the Revolving Door at Your Company?

Based on Gallup’s largest global study of the future of work, only 27% of employees strongly believe in their company’s values. This disconnect has a negative impact on everything. And they mean everything, from attracting top talent to keeping superstars. If you’re tired of the revolving door at your company, take note of these tips you can implement today: Articulate your purpose and values: If your mission is not clear and your values are non-existent, take the time to make that happen. And we don’t mean one 8-hour session. Engage your employees in the process and try your mission and values on for size, comfort and durability over the course of a few months before they are finalized. Get

Finding Confidence When You're in a Ditch

On this managerial road, there will be ups and downs, twists and turns, and on some days you might feel like you are stuck in a ditch and can’t climb out. I’m sure every manager is well acquainted with this place. The place where you second guess everything, feel completely alone and just want someone to tell you what to do. If you find yourself in this place, read on for tips on how to best manage your mental state. Don’t Beat Yourself Up - Recognize that even the best of the best have hard times. There is no point in struggling and then worrying about the fact that you’re struggling. Write down on a piece of paper your stresses. Admit that you’re feeling bad and try and figure out the roo

Dealing With Employees Butting Heads

Have you ever had two employees disagree so much you felt like their issues could never be resolved? Don't worry, you're not alone. Conflict in the workplace is inevitable. As a manager, you need to learn to deal with it before it affects your team's performance. When teammates are butting heads, try these tips: 1. Attack Issue Head On - Don't wait for it to build up even more. Get on it right when you hear about it. 2. Have Them Focus on the Facts - Have them only explain their points through actual behaviors and facts, not attitudes or subjective information. 3. Tie Issue to Overall Goals - Remind them the issue goes beyond just them. How does this affect the company? What solution is bes

Getting Employees to Hear What You’re Saying

Have you ever given feedback to an employee that you thought went really well, and then you heard through the grapevine your employee commented that you are micromanaging? What you intend to say and what the listener hears are not always the same. Add in the listener's confirmation bias - the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one's existing beliefs - and no wonder messages get jumbled. When feedback is given, the employee often thinks of it as a threat. The employee’s heart rate speeds up and they stop thinking clearly. This makes them less capable of fully absorbing and applying what you are saying. Here are some tips to make sure your employees hear your feedback corre

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