Build Your Company Brand By Putting Employees First

We believe if you truly put employees first, your employees will treat your customers the way they’re treated. Additionally, they’ll be more energized, more engaged and more likely to stick around. Here are our takeaways from the Linhart PR blog post linked below along with a few of our own practical strategies: Give Your Leaders the Tools To Have Difficult Conversations - Not all employees are instantly top performers, so putting a low performer first is tough. It's the leader's job to develop and support employees' growth. That means having conversations around performance improvement. We don't think those conversations should be difficult if the leader has the right tools, training and su

Why Diversity & Inclusion is Your Key to Success

Diversity and inclusion is a hot topic in the workplace. It isn’t just a fad, it has direct benefits in helping businesses achieve their goals and grow their profits. Having diverse teams means hiring qualified, diverse people who all have different perspectives on the clients you serve and ideas on how to do things. Here are some ways on how to include diversity in your culture: 1. Hiring Strategy - Have a variety of ways you look for candidates. If you only use LinkedIn, you might be missing out on a huge pool of people that use a different platform. Don’t think about how you would look for a job, but ways all types of people would look for a job. Think about the types of schools you recru

3 Tips on How to Be a Better Boss

Being a leader of people can often be difficult. We have plenty of our own work to do, but also need to motivate and assist others. It is hard to find time to fit everything in, but if we want to be a better boss, we have to try. Here are some simple tips you can start using today to start becoming the leader you were meant to be. 1. Put one-on-ones on the calendar. It is important not to cancel or reschedule these. These meetings show your employees you are putting them first and want to hear what they have to say. 2. Stop using band-aids. Delegate to your team and if they don't do it right, coach them through the changes instead of doing it yourself. Give clear instructions and constant fe

Not Making Mistakes? You're Failing Your Team.

Great leaders celebrate success - a pat on the back, free lunch for the team, or a Friday afternoon off. Great leaders also celebrate mistakes. Mistakes help people grow, help organizations be relevant, and mistakes sometimes end up with the best ideas; check out Wilson Greatbatch, the inventor of the pacemaker, or Dr. Spencer Silver, whose “failure” led to the invention of the Post-It Note. Here are four things to consider as you incorporate mistake-making into your culture: 1. Start With You - We often say, “You don’t have to be the smartest person in the room.” That encourages your team members to come up with new ideas. Leaders admitting mistakes means “You don’t have to be the most per

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