10 Quotes to Encourage Workplace Gratitude

Sometimes to succeed at work and in life, we need to take the time to realize and be thankful for what we already have. Always wanting more can blind us to some of life's most precious gifts. We are always so focused on promotions, raises, big projects, or sales that we forget to thank those that helped us get there. Is there a coworker that always brightens your day? Does your boss help you reach your goals? Did a hiring manager take a chance on you? Who makes your life easier at work? Take this time to be grateful for all the wonderful things in your life. Here are 10 of our favorite gratitude quotes to help you do just that: 1. "Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back an

Overcoming Common Problems in Meetings

We all have been in meetings that get off topic, run too long, or weren't needed in the first place. Here is how to handle some of the most common difficulties in a meeting: One Person Dominates the Conversation- "Joe, I love all of your ideas. Let's get input from everyone else." Someone Not Participating- "Brenda, do you have any thoughts on this subject?" Getting Sidetracked- "Everyone, we have 30 minutes left in this meeting and four other subjects we need to cover. Let's finish this discussion offline. You four are in charge of that." No Action Plan at End of Meeting- "We have 5 minutes left. We agreed on ________ and need it done by _______. ______ is in charge of ______. Does everyone

Free Perks Your Employees Will Love

People spend about 90,000 hours over a lifetime at work. When searching for a job, people aren’t just looking for the best salary anymore. They want to work for a company with a great culture that includes great perks and benefits. Often times perks can be costly, but here are a few your employees will love that won’t cost you a dime: 1. Option to Work Remotely - Take stress off of your employees and allow them the flexibility to work from home every so often. Whether it be because they have a sick kid at home, are waiting for a package, or don’t want to drive in the snow. 2. Volunteer Opportunities - Set aside time to do team volunteer activities or give your employees a number of hours the

"Can I Give You Feedback" Will Fail

We know that communicating is one of the most important attributes of a great manager. Starting a conversation with these famous words... “Can I give you feedback?” will result in employee shutdown. The first thing they’ll be thinking is “What did I do wrong? I wasn’t wrong? Or oh no, I’m in trouble.” and they won’t hear a word you say. Creating a culture of ongoing communication is key to making feedback easy to give and to receive. Here are a few strategies to begin using today: Build Trust - Your responsibility as a leader is to build trust in your teammates. Let them know you are there to support them, help them develop their skills, help them grow and be a true servant leader. Trust tak

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