5 Steps to Take During High Employee Turnover

At the core of every successful business is happy, engaged, and motivated employees who work hard to live out the company’s mission. But every business experiences turnover and it can be very costly. Here are 5 steps to take when your company is experiencing high turnover: 1. Analyze Turnover - Figure out why people are leaving. Make sure you do an exit survey or interview. Why are people leaving? What departments are they leaving? Which leaders are they leaving? Talk to the employees still around. Find a neutral ear, such as the HR team, to conduct interviews, focus groups, and surveys. Demonstrate your willingness to listen to what is actually going on and start making changes. 2. Hire the

Use Your Body Language To Build Trust & and To Influence

Aware of it or not, you are constantly communicating with your nonverbal behaviors. Much of the time, those nonverbals don’t align with what you are saying. If you are crossing your arms and focusing on your computer, and telling someone how great they are, which do you think will win out? Your body language! That is why it is so important to control what you are not saying if you want to build trust and influence people. 65% of communication is nonverbal, so here are some things to keep in mind: Body Language is all About Perception: It doesn’t matter what you intend, it matters how others see it. We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their actions. So be aware of what your bod

Are Your Employees Afraid of You?

Experiencing turnover? Not getting the results you want? Team not engaged? This might be because employees fear you. And you may not realize it. This article from Harvard Business Review states, “...managing employees with pressure tactics resulted in more than a 90% increase in the predicted turnover of employees, while using more inspirational tactics was related to roughly a 68% decrease in likely turnover.” Are you noticing any of the following? Employees don’t come up with new ideas that get put into practice. No one makes mistakes or fails, including you. Your team only puts out work when it’s perfect. You correct everything that comes your way. Employees only implement things that com

4 Intriguing Statistics on Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are enthusiastic and committed to their work and workplace. They perform better and contribute more to the bottom line. Everything from benefit programs to manager/employee relationships affect how an employee feels about coming to work everyday. Here are some statistics to show the impact of employee engagement: Only 34% of American workers report feeling engaged at their jobs Although this is low, Gallup has shown employee engagement is on the rise. Employees with higher engagement perform at higher rates which is why employers are starting to find new ways to improve engagement. This includes giving recognition for work accomplishments, strengthening relationships with c

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