What Does Your Team Really Need Right Now?- Kristine Burrows

I had a great conversation with Kristine Burrows, Director of Older Adult Services- Easterseals Colorado, to find out her perspective on how to lead in tough times. Here are my takeaways: -Heighten your senses on what your team needs. -Keep the needs of your team on the forefront whatever you’re doing, including decision-making. -Make sure your team has the resources to get the job done. -Provide support and reassurance that things will be OK. -Communicate all of the time to build trust. -Encourage taking a break for a walk or whatever your employee needs. Kristine’s team’s program provides day-programming for older adults with intellectual disabilities. During the Covid-19 crisis

Keep Culture Alive – Marti Willett

I talked with Marti Willett, Vice President of People and Culture, at SocialSEO to learn more about how to keep culture alive while everyone is working from home. Here are my takeaways: 1. Keep your values and culture alive, even when working from home 2. Keep employees engaged and invested in the company’s mission 3. Check in every morning with teammates – maybe play a game – discuss challenges – professionally and personally 4. Hold fun events like virtual trivia, virtual yoga, or even a virtual beverage cart 5. Encourage individual teams to work on their own activities like escape rooms or other games 6. Have strong communication like a weekly email to update the entire company on new in

Maybe We Really Can Work from Anywhere

Working from home has presented challenges to us, yet it has also shown that many employees really can be productive from anywhere...at home, across the country, and on the other side of the world. Listen to the podcast interview below for many tools and tricks to use now and in the future. Here were my takeaways: Set Detailed Expectations Then Get out of the Way: Take time to lay out what success and failure looks like. And the more detailed the better. Define the objectives and the results expected with your entire team, and don't forget a timeline! Then get out of the way! Do whatever you can to help them succeed by providing them the tools they need and remove any obstacles that impede

You Can’t Over-Communicate During a Crisis – Liz Cole

I talked with Liz Cole, a non-profit professional, to get some insight on how leaders are changing their strategy and work style to adapt to the pandemic. Watch the full video for some quick tips or read the summary below: How have you adjusted to this new work style? Constantly checking in with donors virtually to make sure they know they are being thought about through emails, phone calls, text messages, and video calls. *Make sure your clients/donors know you care How have your managers and leaders stayed in touch with you and kept you involved? All-staff meeting that was once a month is now once a week. Also, by having more breakout sessions within departments that work together. *Consta

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