New Job, First Day, Same Kitchen Table: Tips for Successful Virtual Onboardings

It’s your first day at your new job. You have a new outfit on, leave early to get to work on time, walk in and start meeting everyo…..errrr wait. Times have changed! There is no commute, there is no meeting face-to-face, there is no one waiting at the office door to greet you. With no physical office to welcome and connect new employees, how do you adjust your onboarding process to make new employees feel welcomed? Here are some tips to make sure your new employees succeed while working from home: Be Prepared - Have at least the first 3 weeks planned out completely. You don’t want the employee getting bored and becoming unmotivated the first week because you have nothing for them to do. Send

Dealing with Today's Micromanagers

Have you ever worked hard on a project and then at the last minute had your manager jump in on an email chain and start making demands and changes without knowing the full context? If so, you aren’t alone. Today’s micromanager is likely someone who wants things their way, but doesn’t provide much context, support, or advice on how to get there. Micromanagement can be a different experience on the frontline compared to teams working from home, but the negative effects are the same. Here are some tips on how to fix micromanagement in your organization: 1. Create a Culture of Shared Accountability - When a relationship becomes a partnership instead of "if this goes down I go down" mentality, pe

10 Ways to Lose Your Top Performers in a Pandemic

I’m on somewhat of a rant after listening to three friends find new jobs during this crisis and their previous employers were surprised that they left. Just because the unemployment rate is high, doesn’t mean that companies should stop treating their employees well. Yes - the snacks are gone and the ping pong tables are gathering dust. That’s not what kept your high performers performing at their highest levels. So if you want to have your best employees search for a better place to spend the better part of their day.... Don’t communicate your vision of where you’re going. Even if your vision is short-term. Don’t help them understand how important their work is and how it ties to your overal

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