Create a Learning Culture Through Mentorship

Employees are motivated and engaged when their personal needs and the needs of the organization are in sync. When the relationship greatly benefits both parties, growth and success are bound to happen. One way to do that is through an internal mentorship program. Mentoring impacts the organization by improving job satisfaction and retention and impacts the individual for career guidance and personal development. Here are 3 benefits of an internal mentorship program: 1. Creates a learning culture- A workplace mentorship program shows employees you value learning and development and it is encouraged to learn from those around you. When employees get paired with a mentor, they feel the company

How to Get Promoted During Turbulent Times

The thought of getting a promotion or even making a lateral move might seem impossible right now. So we challenge each of our readers to do these four things to help you progress in your career AND help your company grow and thrive. Don’t wait for your boss or business owner to come to you. Take the initiative to make things happen right now! Set and communicate growth goals with your boss - Your goals don’t have to be 10 years out, but talk about where you want to be in the next year or two. Then put together a plan that has specific measurable steps to get you there. That might include taking a course, learning a new skill on-the-job on, and/or taking on new responsibilities. Take the ini

Stay Focused At Work

A text from your friend asking about weekend plans pops up on your phone. You get a coworker’s Slack message with a question about a recent project. You can't ignore your colleague talking about her daughter’s prom pictures. How is it possible to stay focused at work? Set Deadlines - Make it a priority to get important work done by a specific time to keep yourself on track. If it's a larger project, set a timer for 90 minutes, then reward yourself afterwards with a short break. Don’t Multitask - If you try and answer emails while you are in the middle of a project, you will never get the project done. Emails won’t stop coming and time won’t stop. If you make it a point to stay focused on one

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