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Keynote for Leaders

30, 60, or 90 Minute Leadership Boost

More companies are struggling with costly turnover and that’s because more employees are disengaged at work. At Emerge Approach, we work with businesses to create open and safe cultures, cultures that attract, engage, and retain hard-working people. Invite us to your next leadership meeting and we’ll provide you a 30 , 60 or 90 minute boost of energy with practical tools that you can use immediately, tools that go beyond purchasing ping-pong tables and other incentives for employees.


During this popular session, Margie Adams shares tips from 30 years of leadership experience and Steph McCauley shares her experiences as a millennial in today’s workplace. Together, they demonstrate how to thrive in a multi-generational, fast-paced work environment.

Call Margie at 303-809-8093 or email for pricing and information.

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