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Help Develop Employees or Lose Them

A large factor in any company’s turnover rate stems from stagnancy amongst employees and a certain level of restlessness and quite honestly, boredom.

While it is important for employees to exercise autonomy and realize their own potential, it is part of the manager’s responsibility to provide opportunities for employees to grow. This article from Harvard Business Review states it clearly, If You’re Not Helping People Develop, You’re Not Management Material.

Establishing goals and setting milestones for an employee’s success will keep employees on track and driven. “Plan goals together and describe them briefly and clearly. Show people what good performance looks like,” states Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson in The New One Minute Manager.

Practice the following strategies to develop your employees.

1. Help them grow:

  • Provide practical training and encourage them to practice what they learned.

  • Give them lots of opportunities to do meaningful work.

2. Provide them interesting and challenging work:

  • Assign them new tasks.

  • Give them more challenging goals and explain the benefits of learning something new.

3. Involve them in decision-making:

  • Encourage their ideas and opinions.

  • Ask for their help in developing plans.

4. Recognize the behavior you want to see:

  • Let them know their work is appreciated and be specific.

  • Identify the best way to recognize them that fits their personality.

By welcoming employees’ opinions and ideas, providing training and encouraging them to practice, as well as working together to set goals and create realistic expectations, employees will continue to stay motivated and excited about their work with you.

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