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Set Goals for the New Year Now

It’s December. Did your team reach its goals for this year? Goals in terms of client service, revenue, and other performance indicators? If not, reflect on 2017 and set goals NOW to “kill it” in 2018 starting on January 1st. Make sure your team goals align with your overall company goals. If you’re not getting that information, ask your upper management for direction. When you set goals with your team, make sure they’re SMART. Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timely

  1. ALIGN YOUR GOALS WITH YOUR TEAM MEMBER'S GOALS - Take the time to meet with your team members and don’t just throw your goals at them. Have them provide you their goals to meet your team goals, then meet to determine differences and create alignment.

  2. SUPPORT COMPANY VALUES - Make sure your team goals support your company’s values. Don’t know your company’s values? Take the lead and ask for them. They should be integrated into everything you do.

  3. ADD SPECIFIC ACTION STEPS - Goals are just wishes unless you add action items. Actions should include specific activities you will do to reach your goal, a time-frame to start and complete the activities, the person responsible and milestone check-in dates.

  4. MEET OFTEN TO MAKE SURE YOU'RE ON SCHEDULE - Determine the best cadence and place to go over your goals with your teammates throughout the year. Do this on a consistent basis. Too many people set goals and create elaborate action plans then never review them. Twenty minutes is all it takes.

  5. DETERMINE ADDITIONAL SUPPORT NEEDED - If your team members are not reaching their goals, find out what they need. Is it more training, better tools, more coaching from you? Figure that out early in the year and make adjustments.

  6. DO WHAT YOU SAY - Model the behavior you want from your team. If you’re not holding yourself accountable by meeting with your boss and reaching your goals, then you can’t expect your employees to do the same.

Quote of the week: “What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do.” ~Tim Ferriss, Author of 4-Hour Work Week and Tribe of Mentors

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