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Don’t Let Your New Year’s Resolutions Fall Flat

You’re ready to rock it in 2018, so make sure your enthusiasm lasts. Many people start out the year with ambitious goals, but not everyone follows through. This article from The Balance states, “...less than 10% of people feel they achieve their goals. If you’re ready to realize your goals, you need a plan.” If you haven’t set your 2018 SMART goals yet, take the time this week to draft them. Here is our blog to help you do that. Once you've set your goals, it's up to you to create an action plan to success. Here are 7 things to think about when creating, re-assessing, and completing your action plan.

  1. Assuming you have some big goals, like increasing sales by $1 million a year, break that down into mini-goals that you can reach along the way.

  2. Identify what needs to get done to reach your goals, along with the resources needed to make things happen.

  3. Add beginning and ending dates with check-in dates along the way.

  4. Identify the person ultimately responsible for the action then add the team members who are held accountable for the action.

  5. Delegate responsibility for action steps where appropriate. Don’t have your name on every action item.

  6. Encourage team members to tackle a goal-related activity at the beginning of each day before they get sucked into emails and other things that aren’t related to reaching goals.

  7. Evaluate your goals and action plan every month. Make sure you’re hitting your deadlines, but more importantly re-evaluate your plan. Does it still make sense, and is it still relevant for your overall vision and mission and does it support your core values?

By identifying SMART Goals with an Action Plan, you’re on your way to a successful 2018!

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