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Treat Employees Like Your Customers

And in turn, they’ll provide the type of service that will keep your customers happy. This may sound like a radical concept, but it’s not. This article from Fast Company outlines the logic where entrepreneur Richard Branson says, “Your employees are your company’s real competitive advantage. They’re the ones making the magic happen - so long as their needs are met.”

Take on one of the subjects below each week to answer these questions to make sure you’re creating an environment that puts your employees first.

  • Check-in on your culture. Culture is defined as “how we do things around here in order to fulfill our mission.” Is it relevant to today’s workforce? (I don’t mean go out and buy a foosball table.) I mean, do you have a well-defined culture that attracts and retains top talent? Are your values more than a plaque on the wall? Are expectations of actions and behaviors clear? Is your culture integrated into everything you do?

  • Listen to your people. Employees who feel they are listened to are more engaged and more loyal. Are you checking in with employees on a consistent basis? Do you ask them what you can do differently as a leader? Have you asked them what they think they would do to serve your clients better? Do you implement their ideas and give them the credit?

  • Give employees a challenge. All good employees want to contribute and work hard. Are you providing them new responsibilities? Do you then give them the right training so they can succeed? Are you encouraging mistakes? Do you give them specific feedback? Are you providing them opportunities for growth?

If you find ways to engage, grow and build authentic relationships with your employees, you will keep customers for life, be able to scale your business, and fulfill your mission and vision.

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