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Need Some Focus? Clear the Clutter.

You set your goals months ago, identifying your top priorities for the year. You've accomplished some things, but not everything. You're a little overwhelmed.

Start putting your energy toward the important things today:

Get clarity. Be clear on your goals. Are they still relevant? Do they align with your company culture and your long-term strategy? Are they actionable? If not, now is the time to work with your team to make tweaks.

Clear the clutter. Literally and figuratively. Look around at anything or anyone who is holding you back:

Organize yourself first. If your area is cluttered, ask a co-worker to help you. It’s easier to have someone help you throw stuff out or look at your desktop organization from a different perspective. Then offer to do the same for him or her.

Challenge your team with an office and computer clean-up. As a good leader, get your team involved in focusing on your important goals by eliminating distractions. In order to do that, do a clean-up challenge. Give a prize to the person who has the best idea for de-cluttering your physical and digital space. There is a lot of advice out there, but there’s nothing better than what your employees can do when there’s a little competition.

Deal with the Dave or Debbie “Downer”. You’ve been putting up with the person who is continually negative, doesn’t want to participate, and brings your team down. Schedule 30 minutes with this person this week. Be specific about your concerns. Use facts and stay away from emotions. Listen to what they have to say, and have a grown-up discussion. Then come to agreement on action steps to move forward.

With clarity and less clutter, you’ll be able to engage your team to make huge progress. We’ll check back with you in a few months to see how you’re doing.

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