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Meetings That Create Energy, Not Sap It

We know that meetings are a time suck, and yet we still spend way too much time in them. So how can we reduce the amount of time we’re in meetings and still brainstorm, collaborate and communicate? Here are some quick tips and tools from Entrepreneur and Mitchell Harper, Founder & CEO of 7 companies:

  • Put out an agenda ahead of time with outcomes, i.e. decisions you want to make. Once those decisions are made, then end the meeting.

  • Be sure to include only people who really need to be there. Make sure everyone in the meeting is included for a purpose, then update all others via email.

  • Start and finish on time and play around with some odd times. Instead of having a meeting at 1:00 pm, make it 1:07 pm and emphasize that you are starting and ending on time.

  • Give pre-work. Have people read material or do specific research before they arrive. Do not enable bad behavior. Call them out if they didn't do their homework.

  • Have stand-up meetings. Brains work better and feet get tired, so people will be more efficient.

  • Have walking meetings. These are stand-up meetings on steroids. Perfect for that 3:00 pm (or 3:07 pm) slump.

Collaboration is critical to your success, so meeting in person is important. Remember to make meeting time efficient, effective and fun. And you might even burn some calories!

Want to know the best time to have a brainstorming meeting? Make time during your next workout or commute to listen to the Tim Ferriss podcast with Daniel Pink, author of When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing.

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