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Linda Honey, Just Listen!

You think you must have all of the answers as a leader. Not so! This blog from SHRM gives five good reasons to listen to your team members:

1. Employee Initiative - You want your employees to come up with good ideas? Then ask them and use their ideas.

2. Engagement and Innovation - When you cultivate ideas on your team, they'll be more innovative and feel valued.

3. Staying Proactive - Encourage employees to come to you with solutions to problems and tell them to "go for it!" allowing them to take immediate action.

4. Retention - Do you ever ask your employees about the benefits program or bonus structure before you put them into place? When you include them in major decisions, they'll stay longer.

5. The Bottom-Line - Employees will be more engaged and motivated to perform better if they know they are listened to.

Practice these phrases this week with your team:

"What are your thoughts on this issue?"

"What could make this better?"

"If it was solely your decision, what would you do?

"That's a great idea. What are the pros and cons if we go forward?"

"You have a lot of experience in this area; what ideas do you have on this subject?"

(And if you missed little Mateo, here's the video Listen Linda!)

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