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Purpose In Your Career? Who's Rolling Their Eyes!?

We know that one of the top things we hear from Millennials is that they want purpose in their careers. I see a lot of people roll their eyes as though "Having Purpose" is too much to ask. On the contrary, I think we all should have purpose in our jobs, whether we’re fixing cars, growing food, or curing cancer.

Here are my takeaways from Google Leadership Advisor, Fred Kofman during his interview on the Awesome at Your Job podcast Inspiring Teams through Purpose.

1. Mission Is Not a Plaque on the Wall:

Everyone’s primary job should be to make the organization fulfull its mission. Do you even know your company’s mission? Not the one on the wall. The real one that you can articulate. What is your company’s overall purpose and how do you and your team fit into the plan to make it happen?

2. How Are You Improving People’s Lives?

The mission of your organization should identify how your team and your company are touching and improving people’s lives. If you don’t know this, ask your boss. Then articulate it to your team members in a way that’s meaningful to you and to them. Include it in your discussions all the time.

3. Take Pride in What You Do:

There are tremendous benefits to feeling in your bones that deep inside you’re proud of what you do. What is the part you play in reaching the mission of your company? Part of that is leadership and part of it is all the other things you do every day. Build a team that is proud of the work you do together.

When you have purpose in what you do, it makes Monday mornings a lot easier, you engage employees and keep them longer, and its good for your health.

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