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Be a Humble Superhero

Do you feel like a superhero on some days and a villain on others? That’s because you have a lot on your plate; helping employees grow, handling customer complaints, communicating with upper management and looking at new ways to improve performance. It can be overwhelming.

Keep your cape on because studies show that people in mid-level management are the most influential people in organizations across the globe. And here’s why:

Employee Retention: The #1 reason people stay at their job is because of their immediate supervisor. (It's also the #1 reason they leave.) So don’t wait for your business owner to purchase a ping-pong table to attract and retain top talent. Connect with your employees; get to know them. Set goals with them and provide ongoing feedback. Praise the behavior you want to continue to see goes a long way to keep them on your team.

Culture Execution: Upper management may have done a good job of defining values and nice-to-look-at values statements. You can define actions and behaviors that support those values and communicate them to your team. What does teamwork really mean in your company? How is integrity defined in your department? What specifically demonstrates customer service? Then celebrate when you witness teammates exhibiting specific behaviors that support your company's values.

Change: This study from Wharton found that when upper- and mid-management get together to develop new ideas, those ideas are more likely to stick. After all, you’re the one dealing directly with employees and customers. So don’t be shy and offer new ways of doing things. Nervous to approach your boss? Here are some ideas from a previous Emerge Approach blog - Approach Your Boss With Confidence

Get up every morning and remind yourself how influential you are to your team and to your company. Find ways to improve your leadership skills everyday so you can wear that superhero cape proudly.

And remember that all good superheros are humble. Make sure you give credit to your teammates when things go right.

Have a few more minutes?

Employees Don’t Leave Companies, They Leave Managers by Brigette Hyacinth, author of The Future of Leadership: Rise of Automation, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Why Middle Managers Are Key to Successful Change from The Future Shapers

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