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You Set Your Goals for the New Year, But How Will You Reach Them?

Whether you own the company, or your boss came to you with specific goals to reach, we’re recommending a new approach that will help you and your team reach your goals:

1. Communicate the Why - We often set goals each year not really connecting the dots to the overall mission and vision of the organization. When you define your goals, always check to make sure they get you to your “north star” and that they support your mission. Employees need to understand that their work matters and that what they’re doing has purpose.

2. Set Goals Together - Include your employees in setting goals. Sure, you can provide some targets, but have them break down the action steps to reach your goals. Set realistic timelines and ask them to be responsible for specific tasks. Start small. If you have an annual goal of $200,000 in sales, or 200 customers to serve, what can your team members do each week to get you to that goal?

3. Hold Yourself and Your Team Accountable - Rather than setting goals in January and dusting them off in November, put them on a shared drive and schedule time to review them. Monthly or quarterly is fine, as long as you’re consistent. When you reach each small milestone, celebrate and show your team the progress. If you don’t complete an action step, find out why and stay on it until it’s done.

4. Be Nimble, But Don’t Go For the Shiny Object - There’s a fine line between being flexible and being unfocused. If the action step to reach your goal isn’t working, or if the goal is no longer relevant, make changes. If someone comes up with a new idea that seems easier or better, take the time to vet the change.

And remember that your goal is the destination, but be sure to enjoy the journey along the way.

The joy of leadership comes from seeing others achieve more than they thought they were capable of. Simon Sinek

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