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Don't Ignore These Leadership Trends

A new year brings new challenges, like continuous turnover, and pressures from top management, as well as new opportunities, like how to engage smart, talented employees and how to strengthen culture. Below are two practical articles outlining trends from Inc. and YPO as well as three of our own observations from working with our clients.

More Young People Are In Charge

CEOs are in their twenties and thirties and new supervisors are just out of college. While this generation is super smart and innovative, they don’t always have the confidence and skills necessary to lead people, especially people who are older than they are.

It is essential that you provide all emerging leaders with the training and reinforcement tools to be incredible leaders - as incredible as they are innovators. Skills needed to manage tasks are different from the skills needed to manage people. Don’t set them up for failure or think they can learn the hard way or you’ll lose the leader and good employees along the way.

Leadership Training Alone Doesn’t Stick

We can learn anything from playing the piano to speaking Spanish to complicated spreadsheets with the click of a few keys. We can immerse ourselves in a leadership course for two days with information from Stephen Covey to Patrick Lecioni.

On-line learning and a two-day crash courses will only stick with practice (and lot’s of it) and just-in-time tools to improve skills. Make sure that your training programs have many different types of on-going reinforcement tools.

It’s Tricky To Create a Culture When No One Is Seen

More employees are working remotely and globally either part of the time or all of the time. It’s difficult to create a culture of communication when you don’t hear them, see them, or sense their well-being on a daily basis.

Intentionally create open and safe cultures for all employees whether they are seen daily or not. Make sure that your leadership training and reinforcement tools integrate your culture - a culture that is open and safe for people to bring new ideas and problems to leadership. A culture that values constant communication, connects tasks to purpose, and recognizes the hard work of all individuals.

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