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Hard Truths About Becoming a Manager (Part 1)

While being a leader is very rewarding, the role comes with many challenges. First-time managers go from being a top “doer” to leading people and still being a "doer." These can be two very different skill sets, so we're sharing the hard truths you need to know in your new position. Here is Part 1 and we'll share Part 2 next week:

1.Trust Isn’t Automatic: Trust doesn't come with the leadership title. Trust is something that is earned and developed over time. Don’t assume that being liked is the same thing as being trusted. You earn trust by your actions and your communication. Put your energy into building trust over becoming popular.

2. Gratitude is Key: Just because you are in charge, doesn’t mean you forget all the people who helped you get there and who are helping you and the company succeed. Becoming a leader doesn’t mean you can do or say whatever you want. Show respect, kindness and gratitude towards your coworkers every chance you get.

3. The Future Must Be Articulated: As a leader, set a clear path of goals for your team. You don’t always have to be the one coming up with the ideas, but you are the one providing the environment and the opportunities for good ideas to come about and then setting those plans into action. Make sure your team knows exactly where the organization is going and the part they play to get there.

4. Management Can Be Lonely: When you are a doer on a team, you have a built-in support system. There are multiple people doing the same thing you are and you can go to them for ideas, help or even just to vent. But as a manager, a lot of the time there is only one of you. Reach out and seek fellow leaders inside and outside of your organization. Find others who can relate to the position you are in and use them for support because you will need it.

It is important to know what you are getting into before accepting a manager position, but remember you can learn the skills you need. But it takes practice, practice and more practice. Don't be afraid to make mistakes and show you're human. Being a manager comes with many different types of challenges, but will give you skills you can use in all parts of your life.


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