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Who Are the Real Superstars In Your Company?

Since we work with a lot of mid-level managers, we happen to think you're superstars, and so does the Wall Street Journal in this article, The Economy’s Last Best Hope: Superstar Middle Managers. It’s a long one, so we’re providing you a summary in 2 minutes. Know just how important you are to the success of your organization!

1. According to a Gallup poll based on a decade of input from nearly 2 million employees, a company’s productivity depends on the quality of its managers. Something Gallup had never seen before.

Our comment: A company is only as good as a person’s immediate supervisor. Your company should spend time selecting, training and developing the right people to lead people.

2. Gallup goes on to highlight a Gallup poll that say two-thirds of employees are either not engaged or highly disengaged at work.

Our comment: How do you engage your team? The first step is to know that engagement is your job, not upper management’s job. And that ping pong tables and free snacks do NOT engage employees. Those perks might get them in the door, but they won’t get them to stay. What you, as their manager, says and does will get them to stay.

3. The WSJ article goes on to state a “growing body of evidence suggests there’s a weak correlation between an employee’s isolated talent and their leadership ability.”

Our comment: We see this everywhere. Here’s an example: A company takes its best sales person, puts them in a management role with no training or support. That person fails in the first year and quits. Not only do they lose a manager, but they lose employees along the way and they lose their best sales person!

4. The point they make on culture is spot on. “It’s fine for companies to embrace a set of values and impose a culture of positive engagement. But for most workers, the real company they work for is the team they’re on. The only way to make a culture stick is to install middle managers who transfer it to their teams.

Our comment: We’re jumping for joy in agreement. The only thing we’d add after the word “install” is...train and support middle managers. Plus the word "install" makes us think that you're a new dishwasher. :)

5. And what’s the return on investment in well-trained, competent and confident middle managers? “According to Gallup, the top 10% of companies, ranked by engagement, posted profit gains of 25% through the last recession.”

Our comment: Mic drop...


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