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Secrets of Success From Top Places to Work

“I have the best managers ever! Ongoing education, the feeling that the company cares about all employees. I do something new everyday!”

Want to know the secrets of the top places to work in one of the hottest markets in the country? The 2019 Top Workplaces in Denver, Colorado is out and we’re excited to share what the best of the best does. We’ve taken snippets from each of the stories and organized them here for you:

Create Clarity: Talk about the future. The organization’s future and your employees’ futures. Help your employees get to where they want to go in their careers. Many of these companies offer training and professional development. Hard-working employees want opportunities to learn new things and have challenging and different types of work.

Listen: The best leaders value their employees and give them a voice. This costs your organization nothing. Ask for specific input on an ongoing basis and listen intently. Use their ideas to build trust in your team. Build meaningful dialogue on important topics. Make them feel heard. And give them the credit when things go well!

Show Them You’re Human: Many of these companies talk about work/life balance, and we like the term “work-life blending” because this generation sees no divide between work and personal life. They’ll work at 10:00pm as long as you’ll let them get out early to take their favorite exercise class or have a beer with friends. Give employees as much control of their schedule that is realistic. Never demand anything from your employees that you won’t do yourself.

Live Your Values: Enjoy working and building a team! Don’t just talk about diversity, make diversity a priority. Define what “teamwork” is to you. Treat your employees like they’re your customers and they’ll treat your customers with excellence. Build an open and safe culture; one where people can say “I felt uncomfortable with what you just did.” or “You may not have known this, but what you said is offensive to me.” That’s building trust.

These incredible companies don’t ignore competitive salaries and benefits. But when you create a culture that people want to work in, they’ll stay with you longer and they’ll invite their friends to work with them. These winning companies all know that culture is the foundation of success.

Have a few more minutes? Read the full article here.


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