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Resumes Are Good, But A Cultural Fit is Better

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

A resume with all the right experience and outstanding work history. A cover letter that shows impressive skills and knowledge of the industry. And a candidate who dresses professionally and says all the right things in an interview. This is all you need to know to hire the right person, right?

Not necessarily. Although experience and skills are essential, being able to fit in a culture is more important. If your culture is casual dress everyday, fueled by passion where the team always gets the credit, then an individual go-getter who likes to dress professionally, but has an impressive resume, still might not be your right hire.

When it comes to culture, look for these main attributes in a candidate before making a final hiring decision:

1. They Understand Your Values - A candidate should know and understand your values before taking a job. They should know your work styles and what you expect out of your employees. Everything in your company is based off of your values, so come up with interview questions that help you make sure that this person has similar attributes that align with your values.

2. They Get Along With Others - Gary Vaynerchuk often talks about how it doesn’t matter if they are your best salesman or engineer, if they are a cancer in the company and nobody gets along with them, don’t hire them. Your new hire needs to be able to connect with her teammates and be able to communicate in the workplace. If you don’t already see a connection with her personality during the interview, how can you expect everyone else to? In order to make sure you aren’t blinded by love at first sight, bring in different employees on the team to ask some interview questions.

3. Where They Want To Go, Fits With Where You Want To Go- You want to make sure you have a clear understanding of where the candidate wants to go. Figure out what part of the job they would be passionate about. They don’t need to stay on your team forever, but you want to make sure they can find passion in the job or else they won’t be a top performer. Learn the parts of the industry they are interested in. You want to make sure your new hire’s passions can take them beyond the job at hand.

The right person for the job might not have the shiniest resume or longest record of experience. Your new hire should be the person who has a connection with the team, will live out your company’s values and has a passion and desire for the work itself.


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