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5 Tips on How to Better Interact With Your Teammates

Updated: May 17, 2021

There is nothing worse than being the leader of a team full of inconsiderate, arguing, unhappy employees. It is not good for the culture or the bottomline. Successful teams care about the work and the people and know how to effectively communicate. It is a manager’s job to help boost morale and develop a functioning team.

Here are some quick tips to help strengthen your team no matter how dysfunctional:

1. Speak and Write Simply- You don’t need to show off to your team by using an awesome vocabulary or add extra words to sound more important. Cut out “in order to” “in conclusion” and “simply because”. When you speak/write simply, you are more likely to get the correct message to your employees without any misinterpretations.

2. Encourage Debate- Let your team know it is okay to disagree with one another. In team meetings, facilitate the conversation by asking things like “Are there any foreseeable barriers to this idea?” or “can anyone challenge this idea?” Employees must be comfortable enough with each other to speak up, so it is your job to create the environment where new ideas can be heard and debated.

3. Be In Constant Communication- If you are in an office, make sure you physically say hello to your employees and let them know you are there everyday. If you have employees in a different office, send them a message or an email letting them know when you have time on your calendar to speak to discuss the goals for the day. Your employees need to know you are there for them and that even with your busy schedule, they are the most important thing.

4. Give Clear Directions- Make sure you explain your expectations clearly. It may take a little more time, but it will save you a lot of headaches, mistakes and time in the long-run. Don’t assume your employees know what to do. Show them step-by-step and ask them to repeat it back to you before you send them off running.

5. Add a Deadline- Sometimes seemingly simple tasks like “Suzy, please follow up with the client on how they think their campaign is running” can go to the bottom of an employee’s to-do list. You might even forget you asked and start missing important tasks. Adding “by the end of the business day” will start holding your employees accountable while making the employee understand this is a priority.

When you are constantly communicating with your employees, they know you are there for them. That will build trust within the entire team and help create an environment where employees can share their ideas and clearly understand what is expected of them.


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