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Accelerate Your Career Through Leadership

“I want to be a leader, but I don’t want to manage people.” We hear it all the time. People want to move into leadership positions, but want to manage projects, not people. If you really want to get ahead, make more money, have a variety of jobs and have more fun, improve your people leading skills. Make these shifts right away to advance your career:

  1. Be a developer; not a boss. Quit seeing yourself over your team. Envision yourself as a coach; someone who wants to help those around you. Get to know your teammates’ goals and dreams and help them get there. Then, help them set specific action plans to reach their goals that align with your company goals.

  2. Quit complaining that you’re soooo busy. We get that you are most likely doing your old job, plus motivating your team, but being busy and whining about it isn’t a good characteristic for leaders. Get organized, delegate some of your work, and choose the most important things to focus on.

  3. Let your teammates fail. Yes! F.A.I.L! Don’t micromanage your teammates. If they take on new tasks and don’t do it the way you would, so what? The best way to learn and to grow is to make mistakes. Then sit down with them and talk about what they learned, what you can do to support them, and how they could do things better the next time.

  4. Manage your boss. What is the best way to communicate with your boss? What’s the best time of day? What’s the best way - in person or in writing? Does she like lots of details or does she prefer summary information? We recommend sitting down with your boss to find out these things to improve your relationship.

Once you become a leader of people - a coach, a developer, an influencer - you’ll enjoy your job more. You’ll have more opportunities to move around inside or outside your company. And you’ll actually have more fun watching people grow and change.

More time? Read this article from Lifehack about how leaders are influencers.


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