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Why Diversity & Inclusion is Your Key to Success

Diversity and inclusion is a hot topic in the workplace. It isn’t just a fad, it has direct benefits in helping businesses achieve their goals and grow their profits. Having diverse teams means hiring qualified, diverse people who all have different perspectives on the clients you serve and ideas on how to do things. Here are some ways on how to include diversity in your culture:

1. Hiring Strategy - Have a variety of ways you look for candidates. If you only use LinkedIn, you might be missing out on a huge pool of people that use a different platform. Don’t think about how you would look for a job, but ways all types of people would look for a job. Think about the types of schools you recruit from or the type of language you use in order to find different types of people.

2. Ask for Different Ideas - When you include multiple people’s ideas and opinions, you will be given answers you didn’t think of. This will not only allow you to make better decisions, but will also empower your coworkers.

3. Empower and Educate - Don’t assume all employees and managers understand the importance of diversity and inclusion. Managers might not know how to hire for diversity or how to approach certain topics with people different from them. Evaluate your workspace. Is there a private space for new mothers to pump? How are the offices set up? Are there non-gender restrooms? Set up some time to train your managers or give a workshop to educate your leaders on diversity and inclusion.

4. Celebrate Differences - Get involved in the community. Show your support for different programs and not-for-profits. Get to know your team on a personal level, so you can find new ways to use their strengths. Acknowledge other holidays on the calendar that your team members might celebrate. Create trust amongst employees, so differences are celebrated and people aren’t afraid to show who they really are.

Businesses that want to be successful will be those that value and effectively work with diversity in the employee pool and with their clients. Make sure you take advantage of the different perspectives on your team.

Have a few more minutes? Dive deeper into why Diversity and Inclusion are so important in the workplace here.


We work closely with businesses to create open and safe cultures that attract and retain hard-working people. Learn more about our keynotes, workshops, emerging leader training and team building sessions by emailing Margie Adams at or go to

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