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Build Your Company Brand By Putting Employees First

Updated: May 17, 2021

We believe if you truly put employees first, your employees will treat your customers the way they’re treated. Additionally, they’ll be more energized, more engaged and more likely to stick around. Here are our takeaways from the Linhart PR blog post linked below along with a few of our own practical strategies:

Give Your Leaders the Tools To Have Difficult Conversations - Not all employees are instantly top performers, so putting a low performer first is tough. It's the leader's job to develop and support employees' growth. That means having conversations around performance improvement. We don't think those conversations should be difficult if the leader has the right tools, training and support to build team members' skills.

Build Your Brand From the Inside-Out - If a company is not clear about their values and the actions and behaviors that support those values, it’s difficult for marketing pros, like Linhart and others to do their work. So start on the inside, with the soul of your organization - and do more than post your values on the wall; integrate the actions and behaviors that support your values into everything you do from recruiting, to providing feedback, to running meetings..

Use Employees' Ideas - Get feedback from all employees, including those who look and act differently from you. Ask them good questions about what it means to “put employees first.” We find that it often comes down to how they’re treated by their immediate supervisor. And when you include them in the conversation, make sure you use some of their ideas.

Articulate Your Purpose - Why do you exist? And not just to make money, but what is your overall purpose and who do you benefit? Then tie what each employee does to that overall purpose. People of all ages want to know that their work makes a difference, whether it’s putting together parts in a manufacturing plant, or helping someone heal in a hospital.

In the end, measure your work and tweak things along the way. Business is changing fast and it’s critical to listen to your employees to make sure your making the right adjustments to do what’s best in your environment.

Have a few more minutes? Read the full article posted by LinhartPR, 7 Ways to Build Your Brand By Putting Employees First


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