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Fun at Work = Increased Productivity

Of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For, an average of 81% of employees said they are working in a “fun environment.”

If you want your employees to engage more, produce more, and stick around longer, consider lightening up once in a while.

Try different things and have different people lead the fun. Here are our top suggestions that cost nothing:

1. Paper Airplanes - Break into teams, have no rules other than the planes need to fly. Decorate them, and see which team’s airplane goes the furthest, the highest, or who has the best design.

2. Charades - This classic game is always fun and there are many new versions. You can choose movies, songs, famous people, or phrases.

3. Board Game Marathon - Monopoly, Scrabble, Sorry, Chutes and Ladders. Have people bring in their favorite board game for some lunchtime fun.

4. Name That Tune - This is so easy to play now if you have Spotify or Pandora. Choose old songs and new songs to mix it up. This can easily be done in 15 minutes.

5. International Day Luncheon Potluck - Have everyone bring in their favorite dish that represents their heritage.

6. Guess Who’s Baby Picture - Have everyone bring in their baby picture and post them around the office for a week. Make a contest out of it - whoever guesses the most correctly, gets a prize.

7. Noah’s Ark - Create two sets of animal cards and pass them out to all team members. Each person has to find their mate without talking in human language. This is a great ice breaker for a long meeting.

Be thoughtful about the best time of day, week and month to play. It can be when people are down and feeling stuck, or even right before the end of the year when everyone needs an extra boost to cross the finish line.

Here's a surprise; it's not only millennials who like to play!

Fortune Article

Need some back-up to prove to your boss that this works?

Article from Monster

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