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4 Employee Relation Strategies to Keep Top Talent

You recruited the best of the best and they accepted the job. Your work is done. Wrong! Recruiting great employees is the first step and keeping them is the second.

Employee turnover is expensive. Studies show the total cost of losing an employee can range from 1.5-2X the employee’s annual salary. Here are 4 employee relation strategies to keep your top-performers engaged and motivated:

1. Create a shared vision - Employees want to feel like they are a part of something and be in the know. It is important at all levels of the company employees know where you are going and how you are going to get there. Teaching employees to “think like an owner” will allow them to feel important and confident.

2. Create learning and development opportunities - According to a 2019 Harris poll, a lack of career growth is one of the biggest reasons employees leave their job. Give your employees opportunities to work on new and different projects. Include them in meetings and calls as a spectator to learn new skills. Promotions aren’t the only way to grow. Employees jump at the opportunity to learn new skills, even if it’s a lateral movement.

3.Train your managers to communicate - If managers aren’t the ones giving employees feedback and listening to their ideas, no one will. Even the best managers forget to give positive feedback and only come along when things go wrong. Specific, positive feedback makes employees feel valued and more confident. Employee’s want to know someone is paying attention to them and their work. Make sure your managers know how to give feedback, handle difficult conversations, and motivate their team.

4. Figure out why people are leaving - Then do something about it. Was it because the work was mundane, they didn’t like their boss, or they were treated unfairly? When people leave, ask them why and look for patterns. Even before an employee quits, send out an engagement survey to see how people are currently feeling about the way things are running. Again, look for patterns and start fixing the issues.

Make sure you live up to all the promises you told during the recruitment process. Having strong employee relations will help you keep top talent which will ultimately be best for business. Employees want to feel appreciated and valued. Include them in the conversation and find different ways to keep them learning.

Have more time? Read this guide on even more tips for Employee Engagement.


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