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Use Your Body Language To Build Trust & and To Influence

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Aware of it or not, you are constantly communicating with your nonverbal behaviors. Much of the time, those nonverbals don’t align with what you are saying. If you are crossing your arms and focusing on your computer, and telling someone how great they are, which do you think will win out? Your body language! That is why it is so important to control what you are not saying if you want to build trust and influence people. 65% of communication is nonverbal, so here are some things to keep in mind:

Body Language is all About Perception: It doesn’t matter what you intend, it matters how others see it. We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their actions. So be aware of what your body is doing in any conversation. How is your tone and volume? Are your arms crossed? Are you looking at your phone? Have intent on how you want to appear before your natural movements take over.

Confidence = Space + Height: If you want to appear confident, take up as much space as possible. Stand up tall, put your arms on your hips and slightly raise your chin. Show off your neck dimple, torso, and most importantly point your feet forward. Also, try and get rid of any barriers as they lose connection. Make sure there isn’t a large computer on your desk in the way when you are talking to someone and stand out from the podium during a speech.

Your Body Exhibits Empathy: When dealing with an employee, client or coworker, we often need to show that we empathize with them and honor the way they feel. You don’t need to agree or try and fix everything. Your body language such as a head nod, eye contact, pointing your feet towards them and leaning in all give cues that you understand what they are going through.

What prevents us from connecting when communicating? Too busy being busy, being put on hold, and not showing up for people to name a few. If you want to connect with people, show up confidently and with empathy. Make sure your body language matches what you are saying and take control before it controls you. Presence Matters!!!


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