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Quick Tips for Leaders Managing a Remote Workforce

A lot of companies have moved to a remote workforce. Not being able to see someone or talk face-to-face brings a lot of challenges for a leader. Virtual doesn’t have to mean impersonal. Here are some tips to keep your employees motivated while working from home:

Individualize Needs- Talk to your employees about what they need to perform their best. Don’t assume anything or try and do one size fits all. Think about their personalities and who might have more trouble focusing and who might need more interaction.

Communication- Your employees need to know that you are still thinking about them and they are not out of sight out of mind. Set up morning video calls to say hello and set goals for the day. Check in on them throughout the day and let them know you are here for them.

Set Expectations Early- Let your employees know what needs to be done by when and what the quality standard is. Make sure they have plenty to do and know who to go to for questions or assistance.

Combat Loneliness- Employees still need social interaction. Don’t forget they are real people on the other side of your computer. Ask them how they are doing, what plans they have, and how things are going. Whether it’s at the beginning of a meeting or a quick Slack message in the morning, make sure your employees still feel connected to the team.

Group Video Calls- Make video calls a norm. They encourage employees to get dressed in the morning, encourage participation, and allow you to read nonverbal cues and tone a bit better.


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