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Be the Flight Attendant During Turbulence

When your company is going through change or a crisis, it’s tough to stay positive, especially when the future is unknown. A leader’s job is to act like a flight attendant when the plane goes through turbulence. If the flight attendant doesn’t assure you that everything is going to be ok, you get a little worried.

Try these strategies out over the next few weeks:

Acknowledge Emotions - Change is tough for many people. Connect with your team members and let them know that you understand what they’re feeling, whether it’s fear of the unknown or confusion on new processes.

Communicate Early and Often - When you communicate, you build trust in your team. Let them know what you do know. Provide short-term clear, precise action of who will do what by when. Do both voice-to-voice communication, followed up with an email. You cannot over communicate.

Tell the Truth - If you have information that you can share, say “this is what I know and this is what I don’t know.” Assure them that you’ll keep them posted as things change. Above all, don’t lie and don’t throw upper management under the bus.

Connect One-on-One - Don’t assume that everyone is OK if they don’t say anything. Connect with each team member on a one-on-one basis to understand their concerns, even if they’re personal.

Above all, let them know “We’ve Got This!” - Your confidence, even if it’s a little exaggerated, is critical to keeping your team focused and productive. You might have many of the same concerns, but showing confidence in your team and your company will go a long way.

Your leadership skills are the key to helping your greatest assets, your employees, know that they’re valued and that you’ll all get through this together.

Was inspired by David Dye's article, podcast - Leading Through Crisis and Change


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