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Great Leadership During Challenging Times - Abby Tardiff

Updated: May 17, 2021

The past few weeks have been difficult for employees and companies. I wanted to hear from leaders about their experiences and have them share tips with others.

I talked with Abby Tardiff, a VP from ANB Bank. Their motto is "be good in the good times and be great in the bad times." This situation has given them an opportunity to prove that true. This is a challenging time, and ANB Bank has built strong relationships with their clients and employees so they can be a trusted resource.

Abby also talked about their COACH leadership philosophy and how important it is. One she lives out the most is "Communicating our Culture." She realizes how important it is to stay true to who they are as a company and not change even though their products or operations have changed. That led her to talk about another which is "Heart". As a bank, they need to think about what their clients are going through in order to be there for them and best serve them.

Tough times can also bring opportunities. One Abby has found, is the time to reach out to every single client and touch base. Although she would rather go talk at a coffee shop, a phone call or email is still allowing her to reach her customers.

Remember, no matter what, stay true to your company's values and culture and use them as guidelines through uncertain times.

To learn more about ANB Bank go to their website

ANB Bank's COACH Leadership Philosophy:

C - Communicate: Communicate ANB Bank's culture.

O - Objectives: Set clear objectives.

A - Aspire: Aspire to lead.

C - Challenge: Challenge for excellence.

H - Heart: Grab their heart.


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