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What Does Your Team Really Need Right Now?- Kristine Burrows

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

I had a great conversation with Kristine Burrows, Director of Older Adult Services- Easterseals Colorado, to find out her perspective on how to lead in tough times. Here are my takeaways: -Heighten your senses on what your team needs. -Keep the needs of your team on the forefront whatever you’re doing, including decision-making. -Make sure your team has the resources to get the job done. -Provide support and reassurance that things will be OK. -Communicate all of the time to build trust. -Encourage taking a break for a walk or whatever your employee needs. Kristine’s team’s program provides day-programming for older adults with intellectual disabilities. During the Covid-19 crisis, they are deploying resources for their participants with virtual book clubs, cooking classes and even museum tours. Learn more about Easterseals here.


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