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Lift Up Everyone, Even Your Competitors- Liz Waldmann

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

I talked with Liz Waldmann CNE, Real Estate Broker at Keller Williams, about what her company is doing for her through this uncertain time. Here are my takeaways: -Leaders - Understand that you’re not the only one who is not sleeping at night. -Provide associates resources to learn and be better when the crisis is over. -Invest in coaching and training and provide it to everyone. -Large businesses can support other businesses, even competitors, to lift your entire business sector. -Look out for each other by sharing advice and guidance, especially if you’ve been through tough times in the past. Keller Williams is a global real estate firm that cares about their associates at every level. To reach out to Liz Waldman, go here or email Liz at


Do you know an emerging leader who will benefit from one-on-one coaching? Email or call Margie Adams at 303-809-8093.

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