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Nothing is Normal

I’m tired of hearing “this is the new normal” because nothing is normal. We’ve been changing and progressing for thousands of years, so adapt to change rather than settling into “normal.”

We’ve had the opportunity to work with some wonderful clients over the past couple of months and here’s what they’re doing:

1. Dust Off Your Values, Now That You Can’t Play Ping Pong - Steph and I do a keynote called “How to Engage Employees Without Having a Ping Pong Table.” Not that we had anything against all of the fun, shiny objects, but now that you don’t have them, strengthen your culture with your values. That doesn’t mean plaster them on your fake Zoom background. Define the actions and behaviors that support your values and talk about them. Constantly.

2. Pivot Your Goals - I just got off the phone with a client and he said some of his team members had to pivot their goals and some didn’t. So make the adjustments. Set some short-term goals of connecting more with your current customers, adjusting your marketing outreach, and taking some virtual or 6-foot walks with your connectors.

3. Meet Employees Where They Are - Isolation is fine for some, but hard on others. Make sure you’re spending time understanding your employees’ home situations. Alcohol intake is on the rise, abuse is real for many, and just being organized at home is tricky. And now, many companies will start part-time office hours. Yet another change that is not normal. Make sure you’re listening and showing your employees that what they do matters.

4. Learn - There are so many free webinars out right now. Take advantage of them. I’ve signed up for several and can’t always make them, but then they send me the recording. Now is the time to throw out some of the old and bring in a few new ways of doing things. One of our clients is assigning webinars to team members to come back and teach what they learned to other teammates.

As things slowly open up, don’t be normal. Be ahead of your competitors by doing things a little differently, but always look to your values as you make changes.

Check out these Vlog Interviews. These organizations are all driven by their values.

Simon Sinek has this great 6 minute video on the subject of "Normal"


We now provide virtual facilitation, leadership coaching, and DiSC communication techniques.

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