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Stop Beating Yourself Up for Being a Procrastinator!

Every human procrastinates, so know that you’re not alone. Many of us think we’re lazy if we procrastinate and then we beat ourselves up. Here are some tips from Adam Grant’s interview with Fuchsia Sirois, a psychologist who studies procrastination…(and even she procrastinates!)

Quit Beating Yourself Up - Now that you know that everyone procrastinates, stop shaming yourself. Think about a time that you did tackle an important task or goal and how that felt when you accomplished it. Praise yourself for that and get ready for your next challenge.

Determine Your Why - Studies show that cutting down on procrastination improves your stress level and even your sleep quality. So think about the task you’re avoiding, and why you’re avoiding it. Is it too complicated? Are you afraid you won’t do a good job? Do you need other skills to complete it?

Block Your Calendar - If I don’t put something on my calendar, it doesn’t get done. Plain and simple. We know you have a lot of things to accomplish in a day; block time for the most important thing you’ve been putting off.

Get Rid of Distractions - Turn off your internet and put your phone in the other room. If you need either one of these things, tell yourself, "I’ll look up that address, and then I’ll get back to the important thing I need to accomplish." Even consider putting on a timer to give yourself the least amount of time to accomplish it so you won’t go scrolling social media accidentally.

We all pride ourselves on how many things we accomplish in a day. Start changing your mindset from completing a quantity of tasks to completing important things that help you reach your long term goals.

Note: I actually wrote this in March and then the whole world changed, so I didn't post it. BUT - I took all of this advice and used it and I swear that it works. I benefited most from blocking my calendar.


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