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Getting and Keeping Everyone on the Same Page When You're Not in the Same Office

Communication is tricky right now. Some people are in the office, others are working remotely. Many people even have kids and animals sitting in their laps while they’re trying to work.

How can you make sure your teams are collaborating, innovating, reaching organizational goals and supporting your culture? How can you ensure that your team members are engaging current clients and finding new ones?

1. Don’t micromanage: Even though you’re not in the same space, avoid micromanaging your team. Monitoring on-line stats or constantly asking if a task is done does not show that you trust them. Plus it’s annoying.

2. Revisit your goals: If you’ve had to adjust your goals for the quarter, make sure the entire team is aware of them. Talk about realistic expectations and come to agreement about results and timelines.

3. Huddle Daily: Consider a standing 10-20 minute huddle in the morning to connect with everyone. Include personal discussions when needed. Have a set agenda. Start and end on time. And schedule “off-line” problem-solving conversations right then.

4. Block Time for One-on-Ones: If you have newer team members, you may want to have a standing one-on-one with them every day rather than 10 phone calls with questions. For employees who don’t need as much support, still have weekly one-on-ones.

5. Write Short, Clear Emails: Most people don’t read long emails, or if they do, they skim them and don’t get all of the details. Put yourself in the reader’s place. Would a quick conversation be better, or can you incorporate what you want to say in your Daily Huddle? And proofread your emails to make sure you have no typos.

6. Reinforce Your Culture: Since we've been through so much change, we tend to forget culture. Your culture is your Core Values combined with the actions and behaviors that support those values. Find ways to strengthen your culture and reinforce those actions and behaviors by providing feedback to each other. This is not just the leader's job, it's everyone's job to strengthen your culture.

These are practical recommendations that aren't always put into practice. Ask employees to help champion these ideas so you really make them happen.

We now provide virtual culture facilitation, leadership coaching, and DiSC communication techniques.

Email or call Margie Adams at 303-809-8093.

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