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Employee Wellbeing Takes on a New Meaning

Wellbeing has taken on a whole new meaning in the workplace. The shift started when more millennials entered the workplace demanding perks and benefits that focused on them as a "whole-person." Then, Covid-19 hit and employees are dealing with a crisis which might have caused their perception of wellbeing to change even more. If companies want to stay relevant, they must adjust and adapt to this new understanding of wellbeing.

Here are some Gallup statistics on employee wellbeing and what your company can do about them:

Since Covid-19 hit, 37% of U.S. adults say they feel less connected to family and friends

As a leader, understand your employees are going through a tough time and might miss being around people. Spend more time in one-on-one’s discussing how they are doing. Ask them how their family is doing and give them real human attention they might be missing.

Employees thriving in all five elements of wellbeing (physical, career, social, financial and community) miss 41% less work as a result of poor health, are 81% less likely to seek out a new employer in the next year, and are 36% more likely to report a full recovery after an illness, injury or hardship

Physical- Virtual fitness classes, work-out competitions, healthy recipes exchanges, walking meetings, team stretches at the beginning of online meetings, weekend hikes, send workers healthy snacks… make healthy habits a part of your culture!

Career- Bring meaning to your employees' work and figure out their goals and help them get there. Suggest other employees they can "virtually shadow" or have a phone call with, online classes to take, or assign new tasks that are relevant to where they want to go.

Social- Find ways to keep work fun and people talking. Host Zoom happy hours, group games or scavenger hunts, online cooking classes, or virtual brainstorming sessions.

Financial- Provide resources for financial advisors, pay your employees fair wages, and reward employees for good work.

A recent study shows that more than half of all employees are lonely at work "always" or "very often," and 60% would be more inclined to stay with their employer if they had more friends at work

Along with the suggestions above, focus on anything that will allow people to mingle and collaborate. Employers can build an environment where people can start making friends whether its virtually or back in the office.

Employees look at their companies like partners in their wellbeing. Now more than ever, this concept is going into action. This idea won't go away when people return to work, but get even stronger. When companies and employees work together to enhance wellbeing, business will thrive.

We now provide virtual culture facilitation, leadership coaching, and DiSC communication techniques.

Email or call Margie Adams at 303-809-8093.

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