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10 Ways to Lose Your Top Performers in a Pandemic

I’m on somewhat of a rant after listening to three friends find new jobs during this crisis and their previous employers were surprised that they left. Just because the unemployment rate is high,

doesn’t mean that companies should stop treating their employees well. Yes - the snacks are gone and the ping pong tables are gathering dust. That’s not what kept your high performers performing at their highest levels.

So if you want to have your best employees search for a better place to spend the better part of their day....

  1. Don’t communicate your vision of where you’re going. Even if your vision is short-term.

  2. Don’t help them understand how important their work is and how it ties to your overall goals.

  3. Don’t ask their opinion about how things could be better, or different at your company.

  4. Don’t ask them how they’re doing working from home or transitioning back and forth into the office.

  5. Don’t listen to their dreams, goals and aspirations.

  6. Don’t thank them for taking on extra work because you had to lay off or furlough others.

  7. Don’t give them funds or an opportunity to learn something new.

  8. Don’t provide training to help them be better at what they do.

  9. Don’t do their one-on-one or evaluation.

  10. Don’t work with them on a long-term development plan.

These are tough times, but as a business owner or manager of a team, it’s your responsibility to stay positive and strengthen your culture so when times are better, you have your best employees leading the way to recovery.


We now provide virtual culture facilitation, leadership coaching, and DiSC communication techniques.

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